Pelican Catch 100

Pelican Catch 100 review

With your recreational and exercise activities, kayaking is a great way to have fun. Kayaking not only gives you a low-impact workout but also lets you immerse yourself in the natural world.
There are both thrills and excitement in this exciting water activity. Waterscapes of diverse kinds can be observed and explored here. Read more

Best Cheap Kayak

Best cheap kayak-sit

It’s not easy to decide which kayak to purchase if you’re new to the sport of kayaking. When purchasing anything, the price point will probably be the first thing to consider. It is suggested that you consider some cheap kayaks at the beginning before making a bigger investment in a kayak down the road. Read more

Kayaking in Michigan

Kayaking in Michigan

Kayaking in Michigan is easy thanks to its number of rivers and lakes. Michigan is surrounded by four Great Lakes, but its rivers provide some of the best kayaking opportunities in the state. Our list of Michigan kayaking destinations includes the best places to visit. Whether you’re on a fast river or a calm lake, you will find the perfect place to paddle. Read more

Best Kayak For Women

Best Kayak For Women site

Kayaks are becoming increasingly popular among women as a way to diversify their water experiences. Many novices can be found cruising the shores of different kinds of kayaks that match their expectations. The reason is that kayaking is not just an excellent workout, but also a relaxing and soothing activity. Read more

Kayaking in Tennessee

Kayaking in Tennessee

The natural wonders of Tennessee are some of the finest in America. Many years ago, nature lovers in this state loved it. Enjoy the great outdoors in this beautiful location. In the Volunteer State, hikers can get a chance to experience the Smoky Mountains, or kayakers can experience the awe-inspiring waters of the river currents. Read more