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With dry, warm weather, Arizona may not seem like a paradise for kayakers, However, it is Grand Canyon State is packed with opportunities for outdoor activities by the sea, and not forgetting amazing scenery and an abundance of wildlife.

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With numerous rivers and lakes which include the famous Colorado River, there are many options to kayak in Arizona regardless of the level of your experience. In order to inspire you to go on your next trip on the kayak, We’ve put together an overview of 10 of the most beautiful locations to go kayaking in Arizona.

Lake Pleasant, Maricopa County – Arizona

Lake Pleasant, Maricopa County - Arizona

One of the most popular spots for kayaking in Arizona can be found at Lake Pleasant, located 45 minutes north of Phoenix. Cliffs and canyons tower over the lake’s six miles, islands dot the lake and slot canyons lurk on the northeastern side. There are many Arizona landscapes that you can explore in the water in a canoe or kayak on Lake Pleasant, so set an entire day aside for water sports. It is also a favorite location for power boaters that could affect the flow of the water. Stay on the shoreline of Lake Pleasant to ensure a smoother experience.

It is also a very popular tourist destination for locals as well as kayaking enthusiasts, and it can be quite busy however it covers 11.5 miles, so there are many places to discover all around it. If you’re planning to take an excursion to the lake There are plenty of camping spots with breathtaking views, and plenty of chances to go on a bike, boat, and even hiking.

Big Lake, Apache County

Big Lake, Apache County

The gorgeous turquoise waters in the Big Lake Recreation Area, situated 25 miles to the south of Springerville and situated at an elevation of 9,900 feet, is a popular destination for anglers due to its abundant variety of rainbows, brooks as well as cutthroat trout.

There are numerous boat launches in the vicinity of the lake, along with camping areas, picnic areas, and hiking trails close by. You can hire kayaks at Big Lake Tackle And Supply It also has an all-purpose store that stocks food and other supplies.

Big Lake is a little-known beauty in the northern part of Arizona’s the White Mountains. In keeping with their name, it spans an area of 450 acres. It is definitely one of the top locations for fishing kayaks in Arizona.

Big Lake doesn’t permit gas engines. This, while an inconvenience for some it is an excellent option to ensure the tranquility and peace of the water (and perfect for those who paddle!)

Lake Powell, AZ

Lake Powell

Beautiful scenery and geological heritage is abounding within Lake Powell. There are plenty of places to explore, regardless of whether your experience as a paddler or just beginning your journey. You can take part in multiple-day trips or simply head out for a few hours. You can also cliff dive on the canyon walls if you’re looking for thrills; however, you should only do this if it’s completely safe.

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Enjoy a paddle through stunning canyons starting beginning with Antelope Canyon and Labyrinth Canyon to Lone Rock Canyon, there’s enough to keep all paddling enthusiasts entertained.

To kayak in Lake Powell, you can hire kayaks and take guided trips with Hidden Canyon Kayak in Page, Arizona. The guides start from $90 for a trip of 3-4 hours up to Lone Rock Canyon or a 4-hour excursion up to Antelope Canyon and include kayak rental as well as equipment. They also have multi-day tours.

For rental on a daily basis Kayak, Lake Powell has tandem kayaks that cost $45 per day, as well as single kayaks that cost $30 per day. They also offer discounted rates for rental for several days. They also provide tours kayak rentals along with canoes and camping gear.

Blue Ridge Reservoir – Arizona

Blue Ridge Reservoir

If you’re in search of an area for kayaking with stunning scenery, Blue Ridge Reservoir along Mogollon Rim is one of the top alternatives. With an elevation of 6,700 feet above sea level, it offers stunning panoramic views over the walls of Mogollon Rim as well as forests.

The lake appears more like a river, surrounded by canyons but without a beach or shoreline, but it is snaking through the pine-strewn landscape. Its tranquil and shallow cool waters are perfect for novices or people who want to avoid having to be too strenuous. Another reason we like it is the fact that there’s no traffic and motorboats aren’t permitted in the lake. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of room to relax in the water or practice with your paddling. It’s definitely worth a visit to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and stunning panorama that surrounds Blue Ridge Reservoir.

Lower Salt River – Arizona

Lower Salt River - Arizona

It is the Lower Salt River in Mesa is extremely popular with Arizona residents. It is filled with green as well as huge cliffs, gorgeous water, and stunning views. There’s an abundance of wildlife in the desert view and it can become crowded particularly in summer.

For those who live in cities and want to enjoy canoeing and kayaking on the streets go to Mesa close to the eastern edge of Phoenix in the area in which you can find the Lower Salt River is located. It’s not to be confused with the Upper Salt River located within the Fort Apache Indian Reservation and requires authorization by the Tribe.

Kayakers start from the northern end, close to Saguaro Lake Guest Ranch The location gives you an opportunity to view wild deer, horses, and other wildlife in the Tonto National Forest, as along as wildflowers that bloom along Bulldog Cliffs. There are some rapids to be expected at the start of the river however generally the water is calm enough to let novice kayakers take the flow. The river ends towards the southern part close to the Phon D Sutton which is a well-known place to take out.

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Salt River – Arizona

Salt River - Arizona

If you’re in search of authentic wilderness near the edges of the Sonoran Desert, the Salt River will be able to provide (it’s just a few miles from Phoenix).

The Lower Salt River features stunning landscapes and is home to many species of wildlife which includes wild mustangs!

The water is tranquil and relaxing paddling through the centuries of geological history within the Tonto National Forest.

There are a variety of places to hire kayaks and engage in water sports of other kinds including the Riverbound Sports, where you can hire various kayaks and SUPs.

Another option to consider Another option is the saguaro Lake Guest Ranch offering the rental of a kayak for $40, which is two hours of paddling. The trip isn’t guided, but it does include the return shuttle service between the lodge and the river.

If you’re looking for a guided tour, Arizona Outback Adventures provides a great half-day kayaking excursion that’s completely guided, with all the equipment provided, at just $145 for each person. The tour even includes the possibility of swimming!

The Grand Canyon – Arizona

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is not only one of the Seven Wonders of the World but is also among the most beautiful kayaking spots around the globe. From the stunning views to whitewater rapids kayaking on the Colorado River is one you will cherish for many years to come.

The majority in the Colorado River flowing through the Grand Canyon is whitewater so should you intend to kayak through it, you must possess whitewater proficiency in Class 4. Also, you’ll need authorization prior to kayaking the river For more details, visit this page on the National Park Service’s site here.

Colorado River – Arizona

Colorado River

The colorado river is known as the Grand Canyon, there are numerous other places in all for whitewater kayaking. There are also some that you do not need to apply for a permit. It’s not only for experienced kayakers because the river is divided into several sections. Each is evaluated differently by American Whitewater’s River Scale Difficulty.

If you’re in search of an area in Arizona in which you can go for a whitewater kayak ride for an adventure and enjoy the scenery, you should consider the Colorado River as a good option. Be aware that this river is split into sections that are distinct each of which has a distinct rating on the American Whitewater’s Scale of River Difficulty. Take a look and ensure that it’s appropriate to your paddling ability.

Certain regions are remote. Make sure you are familiar with the safety guidelines for kayaks prior to setting out.

Knoll Lake, AZ

Knoll Lake

Knoll Lake sits in the lower parts of the Coconino National Forest, and it is connected to rivers in the area, which could be suitable to kayak in. It is possible that you visit Knoll Lake because you have previously spent time at Blue Ridge Reservoir. Blue Ridge Reservoir, but Knoll Lake is a different experience. Knoll Lake is a beautiful location with natural rock formations that are on the shore.

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You can camp near the edge of the lake, or travel along the streams and rivers out of the lake into different parts of the woods. Knoll Lake is quite serene and leads to other spots of rest along the river.

Knoll Lake has a wonderful place to visit because it isn’t far to reach it. The journey south of Flagstaff could be difficult due to the forests being huge, but Knoll Lake catches your attention when you first arrive.

Tempe Town Lake – Arizona

Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Town Lake is the second most visited public park in Arizona. This is why it is not uncommon to see it busy, particularly during the summer when people want to spend more time in the sun. It’s also a perfect location for those who don’t have a kayak as there are many places to rent throughout the lake.

The lake spans an entire length of two miles. It was the result of the damming of the Salt River’s dry portions.

Tempe Town Lake is one of the top choices for urban town kayaking due to its closeness to the city’s center. There are many boats available for rental, you could decide on your personal tandem or tour kayak here.

Bear Canyon Lake

Bear Canyon Lake

Bear Canyon Lake sits a little higher than The Coconino National Forest, and the shape of this lake makes it a more straight shot rather than lakes that you can are able to circle. You can pick a place in the lake you think is the best for walking or camp, or then paddle the entire length of the lake for an adventure that will take you to lower elevations.

Be sure to have checked out Bear Canyon Lake when you are looking for a location that is simple to cross since it’s not overly large. You can take a trip out to the lake each day for fishing or enjoy the scenery and it’s easy to return to shore after your trip.

Summing up Kayaking in Arizona

If you enjoy kayaking, Arizona is a perfect location to spend the summer. Beautiful mountain lakes, close rivers, and mountains that are landlocked are more than enough to entice you to stay.

There is a chance to experience the experience of the lake even in the desert! If the job title is “adventurer,” then these kayaking spots in Arizona ought to be on your list of things to do. Grand Canyon State is filled with enchanting destinations. You just must be aware of the places to go. If you own a kayak, you could save money when you take these adventures.

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