7 Best Ways To Store A Kayak In The Garage

When you become a new kayak owner, it’s important to prepare for the extra storage space that your kayak will require. Proper storage is crucial for protecting your investment. How you store your kayak is just as important as choosing the right kayak for your needs. While there are various outdoor storage techniques, many owners prefer indoor storage, especially in colder climates or places with unpredictable weather. The garage is often the most convenient place for storing large items like kayaks.

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Wall-Mounted Rack

One of the best ways to store your kayak in your garage is with a wall-mounted rack. This solution requires ample wall space but does not take up floor space. Perfect for storing multiple skis.

Ultrawall 25.6Inch Jumbo Arm Kayak Wall Rack Giant Storage Hanger Heavy Duty Indoor Outdoor Wall Mounted Utility Foldable Hooks Hanging Wall Frame for Canoe, Kayak, Paddle Board, Surfboard, Snow Board
  • 🚣VARIOUS FUNCTIONS - Great for garage storage organization great for organization especially with surfboard, folded chairs, Ladders, bicycles, tools, garden hoses, kayak, lumber, Sport equipments and other bulky items. And you can use two of them as a match to hang Heavy objects.
  • 🚣HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - This heavy duty large arm storage hook is made of tubular steel which is durable and sturdy and it’s powder coated and rust resistant.
  • 🚣25.6Inch JUMBO ARM -The height of each kayak rack after unfolding is 7inches, minimum width is 18.3inches, maximum extension to 25.6 inches. Suitable for many sizes of kayaks. And our jumbo hooks is strong enough to hang 78lbs.
  • 🚣EASY TO INSTALL- Make a small pencil mark where the center of the screw will go, and drill a hole in the spot(s) you marked. Make sure the hole you drill is deeper than the anchors length.Then insert the drywall anchors into the hole.Lastly, screw the bolt by using a screwdriver.
  • 🚣FOLDABLE DESIGN -When you don't use this kayak, you can put the shelf away according to the instructions to save space in your garage.

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To install the wall mount, locate nails under the drywall to ensure the weight of the canoe is properly supported. There are ready-made wall-mounted kayak racks available for purchase, or you can make a DIY rack from PVC and other materials. When using a wall-mounted rack, make sure the rack arms are well padded to preserve the integrity of your kayak.

Overhead Suspension System

If you have limited parking space, consider using an overhead power rack to store your kayak. This solution uses space without overhead. It is recommended to purchase a complete electronic kit that includes all components necessary for installation. These systems often come with detailed instructions to ensure a safe and secure installation.

Teal Triangle Elite Kayak Pulley System, 150 lbs Ceiling Hoist, Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddleboards
  • OVERHEAD CEILING STORAGE: Lift your kayak, canoe, or standup paddleboard out of the way for accessible storage. Clear up floor space in your garage and utilize your ceiling for storage!
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Three pulley system allows you to easily raise and lower your gear without crossover.
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE: Alloy steel components and heavy duty rope support up to 150 lbs for secure storage.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: 8 ft loading straps fit most shapes and sizes of watercraft. Center connecting strap fits the length of your boat.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Ceiling brackets can be mounted to align with ceiling joists running in either direction.

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When mounting a ceiling generator, make sure the mounting hardware is secured to the ceiling studs to support the weight of the kayak. RAD Sportz offers an affordable and reliable overhead suspension system for large kayaks. Before hanging your kayak, check the installation carefully, making sure it is secure and done correctly.

Kayak Carts or Trolleys

If you frequently shuttle your kayak between the garage and the water, it’s easy to choose a kayak dolly or wheelbarrow for storage. These mobile units make it easy to transport your kayak and offer a smart solution by keeping your kayak elevated when not in use. When choosing a kayak cart, choose one with sturdy and flexible wheels. These features prevent your kayak from sinking to the ground, allow you to do it perfectly, protect it from all kinds of damage, and make it easier for you to store your kayak.

Upright Storage

Another option for garage kayak storage is upright storage. This method allows you to store the kayaks vertically, minimizing the width space they occupy. To use upright storage, you need a garage that is at least as tall as the length of your kayak. The installation requires wall mounts and straps to anchor the kayak securely.

When installing the mounting hardware for upright storage, finding studs is still important, but slightly less crucial compared to other storage methods. The majority of the kayak’s weight will rest on the bow or stern, and the straps primarily prevent the kayak from tipping over. D-Ring Tie-Downs and NRS Cam Straps can be used for a simple DIY upright storage system.

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Wall-Mounted Sling Set

An alternative to a permanent rack installation is using a wall-mounted sling set. This method utilizes straps to create a sling that holds the kayak against the wall. It takes up less space when the kayaks are not stored in the garage, creating fewer obstacles. Some sling sets can accommodate two kayaks with a single set of mounting hardware.

When using a wall-mounted sling set, ensure that the mounting hardware is securely installed in the wall. Malone Auto Racks offers a reliable sling set for kayak storage. Keep in mind that taking down a kayak stored with a sling set may require assistance for larger and heavier kayaks.

Portable Stands

For easy and versatile garage kayak storage, consider using portable stands. These stands are easy to set up and can be placed anywhere in your garage. Portable stands require sufficient floor space, so make sure to measure the dimensions of your kayak to determine the required space. They are also convenient if you need to temporarily relocate your kayaks.

Suspenz Folding Kayak Stand, Portable Stands for Kayaks, Canoes & SUPs - 150 lb Capacity - Size Large 22-1819
  • Copied by Many Matched by None
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Folds flat during storage and holds up to 150 lbs! Mesh carrying bag included.
  • VERSATILITY: Ideal for all boats, fishing kayaks, sea kayaks, canoes, rowing shells, and more!
  • SMALL OR LARGE: Work comfortably while rigging, repairing & cleaning your watercraft
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Unfold and ready-to-go right out of the box

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Portable stands like the Suspenz Universal Portable Stand come in pairs and can support the weight of larger kayaks. They eliminate the need for drilling holes in the walls or ceiling, providing a flexible storage solution.

Kayak Covers

In addition to the storage methods mentioned above, using kayak covers is essential for protecting your kayak while in storage. Kayak covers shield the kayak from dust, dirt, and UV rays, prolonging its lifespan. When choosing a cover, opt for one made of high-quality material that offers long-lasting protection.

To further protect your kayak from theft and damage, ensure that your garage is securely locked and consider installing security cameras. Keep the storage area clean and free from moisture, as it can cause damage over time.


Storing your kayak in the garage doesn’t have to be a hassle. By following one of these seven storage methods, you can keep your kayak safe, accessible, and well-maintained. Remember to assess your garage space, choose the right storage solution, and protect your kayak with a quality cover. With these steps, you’ll be ready for countless adventures on the water.


Can I store multiple kayaks using these methods?

Yes, many of these methods can accommodate multiple kayaks, making them ideal for families or avid kayakers.

Do I need any special tools to install these storage solutions?

Most storage solutions require basic tools like a drill and screws. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

How do I clean and maintain my kayak during storage?

Clean your kayak thoroughly before storage, and periodically check for any signs of wear or damage. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.

Are there weight limitations for wall-mounted storage solutions?

Yes, each wall-mounted solution has weight limitations specified by the manufacturer. Make sure to choose a solution that can support your kayak’s weight.

Can I store other watercraft, like paddleboards, using these methods?

Some of these methods can be adapted for other watercraft, but it’s essential to ensure they are compatible and have the necessary weight capacity.

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