Pelican Catch 100

Kayaking is a great way to have fun with your recreational and exercise activities. Kayaking not only gives you a low-impact workout but also lets you immerse yourself in the natural world.

It is an exciting water activity that can be both thrilling as well as exciting. It is ideal if you wish to view and explore diverse waterscapes.

Pelican Catch 100 Angler Kayak Review

You only need a few pieces of equipment to kayak. To take your experience to the next level, you will need a high-quality kayak boat. The Pelican Catch 100 kayak boat is the newest addition to The Catch family. Kayak enthusiasts love it.

This article will explain more about Pelican Fish 100 and why it’s one of the most loved kayaks.

The Pelican Catch 100 kayak

Pelican Catch 100

Specification and Features

Passenger Capacity/ Seater: One

Product Length: 10 feet or 305 centimeters

Product Height: 15 inches or 38cm

Light Weight: 54 pounds

Product Width: 34 inches or 36 Centimeters

Material for Product: RAM-X Premium

Weight Capacity: 350 lb or 159 kilos

Color: Granite

Hull Construction: Twin Sheet Thermoperforming Technology

Pelican Catch 100 Overview

Pelican The Catch 100 is a high-quality kayak perfect for fishing. Catch 100 was one of the most recently launched products by Pelican.

This sit-on-top fishing boat provides great comfort. Its flat deck stable platform and wide tunnel-hull hull will allow you to stand up and move around easily.

The Pelican 100 Catch is the smallest member of the catch family. It has sufficient space to hold your equipment. You can even load up to 350 lbs. You can transport as much equipment and not worry about them getting damaged or being tripped over.

Anglers searching for a small and lightweight boat for fishing will find the perfect kayak Catch 100 for them. The kayak is smaller and easier to launch and carry, even by one person.

Product Details

RAM-X(TM), Premium multilayer polyethylene is what makes the Pelican Fish 100. This boat’s polyethylene has a high molecular weight and contains a top layer of advanced resin. It keeps the boat lightweight but rigid.

The Catch 100 is equipped with Twin Sheet Thermoperforming Technology. So, unlike kayaks with single-layer polyethylene bodies, this fishing kayak is stronger. Pelican did a wonderful job improving safety. The boat is safe and easy to use, so it will still work for you even if your skills are not the best.

Pelican catch 100 water

Pelican’s unique manufacturing allowed them to incorporate positive flotation. This improves the buoyancy of the boat, making it safer. The boat is equipped with four scupper plates that rapidly drain excess water.

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Pelican offers many fishing options and additional conveniences that make kayaking even easier. With two rigging tracks included, you can easily mount a fish finder or any other fishing gear you might need to store inside the quick-lock hatch upfront.

The kayak anglers who love to paddle will find the four flush-mount rod holders as well as two rod and paddle tie-downs. It can be used to store fishing rods, landing nets, and other fishing equipment.

A forward molded paddle rest and angler ruler can be found in the kayak. The Catch 100’s large size allows it to have a larger rear tank and has bungee ropes for extra storage. The Pelican 100 is a great choice if you want a kayak that’s customizable to your needs and your budget.

Features of the Pelican Catch 100

Stable Platform

Pelican Catch100’s tunnel-shaped shell ensures maximum stability. It is most at home on flat water but can be used for more adventurous adventures.

Pelican Catch 100 - does it flip

The Pelican is equipped with a stand-assist belt, anti-slip carpet, and a platform that can be raised and lowered. This allows anglers greater mobility and freedom of movement. This is especially useful if you plan to continue casting.

Comfortable Seating

We all know that fishing is a difficult sport and requires patience. You also need to be able, and willing to, sit for long periods of hours. Fishing kayak Pelican catch 100 has extra padding in the seat to ensure maximum comfort. You’ll be able to sit down for hours.

To make paddling more efficient, the seat can be adjusted. It is possible to lower it during paddling (to lower your center of gravity) and lift it during fishing and cast (greater views and easier casting lines).

Storage Space

Pelican Catch 100 offers decent storage given its compact dimensions. Although it does have a long storage space that runs from the front of the unit to the back, the space is not very large. While a longer compartment is not possible to store a larger fishing rod, it can accommodate a smaller rod.

Although the rear storage tanks are larger, they offer ample space for your crate and tackle boxes. It’s better to use the front hatch instead of trying to fit your rod inside the larger unit.

Ability to Add Accessories

One of the most unique features of Pelican Catch 100 is its ability for customization. The catch comes with four-rod holders. If you need additional holders or want to mount electronics, you can easily add them. You will also receive two paddle holders with bungee tie-downs as well as two accessory eyelets that can be used to secure any other gear or for a paddle leash.

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Additional Features

  1. A ruler for anglers can efficiently measure your catch and ensure compliance with size requirements.
  2. For your entire trip, you can use the adjustable footrests to offer additional comfort.
  3. Bottle holder for convenient storage of your drinks.
  4. The handles allow you to carry the kayak easily to your launch location.
  5. ERGOCAST (TM); G2 dual-position seating system(TM), allows you to adjust the height, fold, or remove your seat for improved comfort and maneuverability.
  6. Four Scupper Plugs and a Drain Plug provide extra safety, allowing water quickly to drain.
  7. Flush mount rod holders are available to hold your fishing poles
  8. A molded paddle rest that you can use to conveniently store your paddles
  9. The quick-lock latch allows you to quickly and easily store and retrieve your tools and gears.
  10. A stand assist strap that gives you extra stability and support when standing up
  11. Bungee cord storage platform for your tackle box, milk crate, or bait tank
  12. There are two-row and one paddle tie-down to help you keep your paddles secure.
  13. Two rigging tracks are a great base for various attachments.
  14. You can stand on a flat, wide deck platform and move freely. It’s also ideal for sightseeing or landing your catch.



Although this has been reviewed before, it’s worthwhile to mention it again. It offers hours of fishing comfort with its adjustable, extra-padded seat. The seat can adjust to a lower center of gravity which makes paddling more comfortable and allows you to travel further. Catch 100 is great for those who can easily sit a stand assist strap quick-lock hatch.


The Catch 100 is a lighter kayak due to its small size. It’s ideal for windy conditions. This kayak is also great if your goal is to get some distance with little gear. Because it is compact, the storage space available is limited. Consider the Catch 120, which has more storage space.


Like its speed, the Catch 100 offers great maneuverability due to its small size. But, mobility is dependent on what you bring with you. A bigger crate or bag on the back can definitely affect its control. You should consider what you take on this kayak. The kayak’s storage space at the front is not large enough to store much. If you have a heavier crate, the weight will be unevenly distributed, which will negatively affect the kayak’s maneuverability. This is something to think about before buying.

Warranty and Materials

The Catch 100 comes with limited lifetime warranties. Pelican international ensures that all its products are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Pelican international will replace and repair any defect that may be caused by poor materials quality. Additional accessories are included in the purchase price and are guaranteed for a period of one year.

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Its analogs premium

Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II

Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II

Check out the price

If you need more space or speed, the Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II is a good choice. The stable 12-foot, the 9-inch boat has a standing platform for fishing and many other fishing features that are available to dedicated anglers.

It can support 600 pounds but is heavier at 70 lbs.

Wilderness Systems Tarpons 105

Wilderness Systems Tarpons 105

Check out the price

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 has 6 inches more length and 2 inches less width than The Catch. This could help improve paddling speed. The boat does NOT have rod holders but SlideTrax gear tracks are available for mounting your accessories.

It has a large rear tank with storage and an adjustable back seat for your comfort throughout the day.

Perception Outlaw 11.5

Perception Outlaw 11.5

Check out the price

The Perception Outlaw 11.5″ 6″ fishing kayak has a 35-inch wide hull. There is plenty of room for your gear, and it can stand tall on a platform. It weighs in at 425 pounds. There are built-in rod holders, rear and front tank wells, as well as carries handles and gear tracks.

Wrapping Up

The Pelican 100 is the perfect boat for casual fishing trips. It’s lighter and more portable than other fishing vessels. You can use it as a beginner yak because of its greater stability and maneuverability.

See the full article Pelican Catch 100 Give it a try for yourself, and let us know how you feel about it. Maybe this boat is what your friend is looking for? You can help them by sharing this.

Last Thoughts

The Pelican Catch 100 is made with RAM-XTM Premium multilayer Polyethylene material with an Advanced Top Layer Resin. This gives the product a glossy look and enhances its durability.

You can rest assured that this kayak will be a good investment and will continue to last you years of fun on the water. If you’re thinking of buying a kayak, the Pelican catch 100 is the right choice.


What about a trolling motor?

The addition of a trolling engine to your catch is not advised.

The Pelican Catch 100 comes with a Paddle?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a paddle. The one I bought was too narrow for the kayak. I like the height of it and how comfortable the 2 hours of fishing were.

Is The Catch Stable

Yes, it’s stable.

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