Kayaking is an excellent method to relax from all the bustle and hustle of city life. It’s also an aerobic workout that builds the ability to move and strength. No matter if you’re an adult and/or in your mid-50s kayaking is an outdoor activity that you will surely take pleasure in.


Kayaking can also be a chance to experience famous places from a different angle. Whatever your experience level travelers can locate a U.S. kayaking tour that best suits their needs. You can choose an organized tour or rent a kayak, explore protected waters or try sea kayaking with open water. Numerous amazing kayaking spots across all over the United States – from California to Florida, Colorado to Washington offer many opportunities to experience this thrilling sport.

Where can you go paddling?


Lakes kayak

Reservoirs, lakes, and ponds are great kayaking locations particularly if you’re just beginning your journey since these kinds of water will typically be calmer than oceans and rivers alike. However, you may encounter currents as well as other users of the water, which could impact how tranquil the water is.

To get started with kayaking It may be beneficial to select a quiet area of water in which you aren’t likely to see motorboats.

The top lakes we have seen comprise Lake Tahoe (California), Lake Jackson (Wyoming), and Lake Powell (Utah).


Rivers kayak

Slow rivers are more comfortable to paddle than swift-moving rivers and may require additional training, protection gear, as well as a better yak to paddle in the rough waters. Slow-moving rivers are an excellent option for rowing since certain rivers offer hiking trails with numerous access and exit points on the river that allows you to begin and finish your journey.

There are also national waterways which are located in many places throughout the nation.

The top rivers we have found include the Merrimack River (Massachusetts) and the Willamette River (Oregon).

Oceans and the sea

Oceans kayak

Going on a relaxing paddle to the beach in the warm temperatures is a good experience for kayaking. It can be a great opportunity for children to become accustomed to kayaking. They typically can jump and drop at their own pace.

Oceans that are calm and shallow might be the best to learn However, as you gain greater skills, you might be better ready for some adventures in the ocean.

Kayak Camping

Kayak Camping

Camping and kayaking are both thrilling and fascinating experiences in and of themselves. But, combine them and you’ll find something totally different from the norm. Kayaking is among the most thrilling forms of camping. Kayaking lets you take pleasure in the excitement of paddling on open waters while enjoying the most stunning views of the surrounding area. When you go camping this is a thrilling experience in the outdoors and away from the humdrum pace of daily life.

Kayaking is similar to climbing. You establish your camp and travel long distances. The advantage is that you don’t need to carry your entire burden on the back of your shoulders. Instead, you can load your kayak with camping equipment and then paddle away. You can experience the ebbs and flows of the waters and explore areas that aren’t easy to access via an on-road route.

The Best Kayaking Areas in the USA A Complete Guide on Where to Kayak

The US offers one of the most diverse landscapes on earth including mountains and deserts to plains and forests. There’s even a vast coastline that is worth a visit. With so many different countries to discover, it can become difficult to narrow your search to the top kayaking places across the US. Here are a few of our top choices to help you plan your next rowing adventure.

If you are going out in your kayak in the near future, make sure you are following the right boating laws in your state by perusing the boating laws for each state here.