Kayaking in Long Beach

Crystal clear, sandy shorelines, as well as sandy water, are just a few of the things that you can enjoy while paddling at Long Beach, California. Long Beach is famous for kayaking and there are plenty of locations to pick from. Which are the top locations where you can kayak in Long Beach?

Find out more about the top places for kayaking in Long Beach, CA, and why these spots are so popular with kayakers.

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There are numerous kayaking spots located in Long Beach, California that will surely delight your heart regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced kayaker.

There are many scenic spots in which you can not only be able to enjoy paddling along the water but also be able to observe their wildlife, including the many species of sea life and birds.

China Cove – Long Beach, CA

China Cove

China Cove is a small beach that is located on Cove Street at the end of Fernleaf Avenue in Newport Beach, CA. It is perfect for novice kayakers but also great for more experienced kayakers. The beach is close to the William G. Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory and is surrounded by gorgeous houses.

You’ll have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views. If you drive through the coastal region and then head towards the south, you’ll be able to see stunning houses and gorgeous yachts within Newport. Newport Area.

There is also there the Pirate’s Cove, popularized by the television program “Gilligan’s Island.”

It is possible to reach China Cove by parking on Ocean Boulevard near Fernleaf Ave. Then, climb the steps to Gibson Beach, located at the northern end at the northern edge of Point Lobos Reserve.

You will then have to navigate the rocks and you will be welcomed with a private beach that many people are able to access.

China Cove is actually a hidden beach. It’s actually a portion of Gibson Beach – the beach located in Point Lobos Reserve. This is the place in the area where the original China House stood. In the 1980s, when the house was destroyed.

Two beaches are also nearby, including they are the Corona Del Mar State Beach as well as the Pirate’s Cove.

Newport Back Bay

Newport Back Bay

Newport Back Bay is the largest estuary that is located in Southern California. It is located in the middle of Orange County and is one of the most sought-after places for those who want to kayak at Long Beach.

Back Bay is actually a salt marsh that plays host to numerous birds and threatened species. Every Saturday and Sunday during the year, there’s a kayak tour that is guided which can take about two hours to finish.

A naturalist will lead visitors through Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve.

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Newport’s coast will offer stunning views of the numerous million-dollar properties and the small islands near the Balboa peninsula. Balboa peninsula. If you go further you’ll observe Corona del Mar scenic rock Cliffs.

The bridge is created naturally and rises from the waters at this location. It is possible to paddle traverse the natural bridge. Exploring the caves and cliffs of rock is a must for those who desire to get the most out of your time in the area.

If you travel a little further down to the Long Beach coast to Newport Beach You will come across Newport Aquatic Center. Newport Aquatic Center. Here you can paddle kayak Long Beach with guided tours. These tours will provide an understanding of several other tourist attractions within the region.

Alamitos Bay

Alamitos Bay

The next on our list of top locations to go kayaking in Long Beach is Alamitos Bay. Alamitos is a family-oriented protected harbor. It has calm waters, making it suitable for kayakers who are just starting out.

While kayaking on the water, you can take pleasure in watching the beautiful homes that line the shoreline. It is also possible to find peace in nature as you through the calm waters.

Kayaking is primarily done in Alamitos Bay (which includes Naples Island) and around the Belmont Pier: Alitomos Bay. Kayaking is an excellent way for anyone who is in good shape to find out about Alamitos Bay.

In the northern portion in the northern part of the Bay, you’ll discover the Los Cerritos Wetlands. The Wetlands are home to a variety of birds and other species of wildlife. There are a few businesses that provide kayak rentals. They also provide instructions for those who are making this their first time.

If you’re lucky, you might see Moon Jellyfish (Moon-Jellies) in the Spinnaker area. Moon Jellies are a seasonal natural activity that takes place during the warm summer months from June to September. Moon Jellies are a favorite.

Alamitos Bay Beach

Alamitos Bay Beach

Alamitos Bay Beach is a narrow sandy beach that lies in the waters protected by Alamitos Bay. Its exact location is on the west shore of the bay on Bay Shore, between Ocean Boulevard and East 2nd Street. The entire summer, Bay Shore Avenue is closed to protect skaters, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Side streets with street parking running parallel towards Bay Shore Avenue and Ocean Blvd close to Bayshore Park are available. Kayaks and paddle-boards for rental are also at hand in this location. The most enjoyable paddling Long Beach experience is what is in store for you here.

Mother’s Beach

Mother's Beach

It is located on an island that lies in Alaminos Bay and Naples’s Long Beach area is Mother’s Beach. The beach is part of the area known as Marine Park. It is a favorite among residents due to the sand toys and picnic areas, as well as grass lawns, a big playground for kids, and a swimming area that is protected. It’s a great spot to kayak in Long Beach.

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In the vicinity of Mother’s Beach, you can take a boat ride through Naples. The city has beautiful Italian-style homes and an area. It is safe and tranquil since the bay is secured and blocks massive waves from entering.

The beach faces north and is wide and flat. There is an entry point to the parking area at Mother’s Beach at the East Appian Way located at Attica Drive. Make sure you arrive early, as when it’s a good day, it will be filled to capacity with vehicles.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island

It is possible to reach Catalina Island via a quick ferry crossing Long Beach. The best kayaking spots in California are found on this island. In the head South Bay of the island, it is possible to take an organized tour that runs along its rugged coastline.

The kayaking in Long Beach tours will give you a unique and fascinating view of the island’s natural heritage as well as a close-up view of the island’s native animals and plants. It also has the clearest waters and coves allow you to observe wildlife when kayaking.

It is possible to spot garibaldis in golden orange, the official state marine fish If you’re lucky enough. There are divers from the ocean like leopard sharks, dolphins, and many more.

Discover Catalina Island alone or with an organized tour. Kayak rentals are readily available and are available by the hour. You have complete control over the number of hours you’d like to spend exploring and kayaking.

The shorelines of Catalina Island are accessible to everyone but you’ll require some planning in order to reach them. The location makes it an ideal destination for the novice as well as experienced kayakers.

Belmont Pier

Belmont Pier

Belmont Pier is another favored kayaking location located in Belmont Pier, which is another popular kayaking spot in the Long Beach area, with the chance to see the city’s finest sights. With rentals available at Alfredo’s Beach Club, you can kayak through to the Belmont Shore before coming up on the historical Belmont Memorial Pier. Even though you’ll be on an open sea, the waves should not be too much of a challenge and with many excellent eateries near the coast, there’ll be the perfect spot to eat after a day on the water.

Huntington Harbor

Huntington Harbor

On our list of top locations to kayak within Long Beach, CA is Huntington Harbor. Huntington Harbor is just one and a half-hour drive far from Long Beach. It’s small, but beautiful and is home to numerous canals and waterways you can explore by kayak.

There are five artificial islands that are located in the harbor. In addition, Trinidad Island is the best one in terms of starting your kayaking adventure.

A tranquil ambiance makes a visit to this harbor a pleasure. There are many beautiful houses along the canals. While at the lake, it is likely that you may be lured to fish. The waters of the ocean around the area include halibut as well as saltwater bass.

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Colorado Lagoon Park

Colorado Lagoon Park

The Colorado Lagoon Park, an in-between lake bordered by golf courses as well as many parks. It is home to sandy beaches along all sides of the Colorado Lagoon shoreline. The lagoon was initially linked by Alamitos Bay.

It is located just a few minutes from Marian Vista Park. There is a bridge for pedestrians that spans the lagoon and connects it with the two that are on either side.

If the water is not in good condition the swimming isn’t permitted. You can nevertheless take on some difficult kayaking. It is possible to park your car in Nieto Avenue in 6th street as well as on the Appian Way.

Long Beach City Beach

Long Beach City Beach

The last of our picks for the top places to kayak within Long Beach, CA, is Long Beach City Beach. It is the primary beach located in Long Beach, California. It’s a long and south-facing beach that is situated on Ocean Boulevard. It runs along the length of Belmont Pier up to Alamitos Beach at the west end.

The locals refer to this beach as “Junipero Beach” because of Junipero Avenue, the center’s main parking lot. Bluff Park, which is a grass-based park is also situated within this area. It is walking along the beach which starts at Junipero Avenue and ends at the Belmont Pier.

There is also a winding pathway along the beach that runs across both sides. It begins from the parking area and is sufficient to accommodate cyclists and skaters. There are numerous breakwaters further out, which means surfing isn’t possible however kayaking is safe and well.

Prior to the construction of these breakwaters during the 40s this area was a mecca for longboards. Today, it is mostly used by kayakers, swimmers as well as other less strenuous water sports fans.

There is street parking on Ocean Boulevard. A few steps descend down the bluff every couple of feet or more.


Temperatures are in kayaking in Long Beach, California, during the year, ranging between 48degF up to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It is rare to 42degF or over 91degF. To enjoy the most pleasant weather plan your trip for Long Beach between early June until mid-October.

Long Beach, California, is known for its sand beaches and warm shorelines. Each of these 11 locations listed on this list is perfect for kayaking or creating unforgettable experiences.

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