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There’s no other place that is more synonymous with the word paradise than Hawaii. From vividly vibrant coral reefs and fish to lush tropical forests, turbulent rivers, and, of course, the largest waves anywhere in the world. Hawaii is the epitome of nature.

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The different islands in Hawaii each have their own distinct style and each has its own unique set of natural spots to visit and offers plenty of things to do for all. It doesn’t matter if you want to relax or take on lots of water sports with extreme intensity You will definitely be spending the majority of your time out in the water.

One water sport that is suitable for any level of physical fitness and could be relaxing as or as strenuous as you like is kayaking. Kayaking is very popular in Hawaii and there’s an ever-growing list of possibilities for your paddling needs. We will take examine the top 10 places for kayaking in Hawaii. We’ve compiled a diverse range of options that represent every major island of the Hawaiian archipelago.

Kaneohe Bay – Oahu

Kaneohe Bay

This island on Oahu is famous for its beautiful beaches, and Kaneohe Bay is no exception. One of Hawaii’s most tranquil places to kayak in, Kaneohe Bay is an ideal spot for those who are just starting out. The bay’s protected location allows the paddler to enjoy tranquil conditions while taking in the breathtaking surroundings. Kaneohe Bay is approximately 8 miles long and has a maximum depth of 40 feet. This is perfect if you’re sitting on top of a kayak and are looking to swim in the water.

One of the main attractions in Kaneohe Bay is the two barrier reefs that are located within the archipelago, and a second barrier reef that is located near Molokai island. The most well-known species of fish are sharks like hammerhead, parrotfish as well as huge groups of Aku and mahimahi. If this location is like something you’ve seen before, then you are correct, since these stunning spots were featured numerous times in different films.

Honolua Bay, Maui

Honolua Bay, Maui

This is the most favored snorkeling surf, diving location in Hawaii. The clear, turquoise waters here make the perfect kayaking in Hawaii location that you’ll enjoy.

The bay is within a protected and controlled zone that is controlled and conserved. There are numerous trails for hiking that traverse beautiful landscapes. The coral and marine life are abundant and satisfying also.

If you are a fan of surfing, you can take surf lessons from here. In winter months, the tides aren’t always safe, so surf cautiously.

Like Kaneohe Bay, it is recommended to rent or bring the sit-on-top kayak to ensure that you can snorkel and discover some of the marine life. One note of caution but kayak rentals can only happen during summer because, in the winter months, the waves are very rough. The bay is regularly cleaned which allows you to view an extensive coral reef. It is possible to spot butterflies, sea turtles, surgeonfish, boxfish, and barracuda from time to time.

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While paddling by yourself is certainly an enjoyable experience, take it to the highest level by exploring with experienced guides who have a deep understanding of the waters of Maui. Explore Maui Kayak Adventures and paddle on the water with Certified Marine Naturalist guides. If you’d like to choose to kayak or surfing, canoe surfing outrigger canoeing, as well as SUPing, then book an adventure using Hawaiian Paddle Sports. You’ll definitely have the most enjoyable Maui paddling or kayaking experience you can have!

Wailua River – Kauai

Wailua River - Kauai

A lot of people are able to associate kayaking in Hawaii on the ocean however if you’re looking for a river kayaking adventure, you’re in the right place on Kauai’s Wailua River. This is 20 miles long and is able to flow quite gently, which makes it a wonderful place to kayak in Kauai.

You’ll see a variety of different water vessels pass through, such as boats, paddleboards, as well as canoes. When you paddle, you’ll be able to see it is that the Wailua River flows through two waterfalls. Flows by two waterfalls: Wailua Falls and Opaekaa Falls. Wailua Falls is among the most romantic spots on the island of Hawaii as well as a sought-after wedding location. There is also the Nounou Mountain (Sleeping Giant) which resembles a person sleeping on the back. Other places of interest include a bird sanctuary as well as Kamokila Hawaiian Village, Kamokila Hawaiian Village Secret Falls (Uluwehi Falls), and a swimming pool with a swing for those who want to splash around.

There are a variety of places where you can tie your canoe and take brief hikes through the forest. We went on one that took us to an undiscovered waterfall, and it was cool!

The area also hosts many child-friendly Wailua River kayak excursions and kayak tours.

We came across an amazing Wailua river kayaking trip which is ideal for families!

NaPali Coast, Kauai

Na Pali Coast

The most distinctive feature of NaPali’s coast Na Pali coast is that it is not accessible via roads. When other people take a hike along the coast sea kayaking is the most sought-after option.

The coastline offers you the rare opportunity to connect with nature while you paddle, enjoying the spectacular panoramas that the coast offers on the route.

The cliffs in this area can reach a height of 4000 meters above the sea. breathtaking waterfalls cascade down the rocks with lots of grace. It is recommended to begin your kayaking adventure at Haena Beach Park and then walk along the shoreline near the cliffs as well as the stunning sea caves for about 15 miles until Polihale.

If you are a fan of diving with scuba This is the perfect spot to practice this. It also gives you the chance to observe different kinds of whales further away. Around the coastline is pristine white sand, which makes everything appear amazing.

We came across a Kauai Sea Kayaking Tour of the Na Pali Coast that looks amazing!

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Mokulua Islands – Oahu

Mokulua Islands - Oahu

Another spot that is ideal for paddlers with more experience is The Mokulua Islands, the twin islands that lie off Lanikai Beach. The islands are often referred to in the form of The Mokes or the Twin Islands and Twin Islands, the Mokulua Islands (Coconut Island) look like two smaller mountains that stick out from the ocean. The most efficient way to reach them is to do it – via kayak!

It is possible to rent kayaks during your day on Kailua beach and paddle for more than an hour prior to getting close to the island. A one-mile roundtrip journey from Kailua Beach will take you to Popoia. It’s the trip to reach the islands, but when you get there, you’ll be rewarded with a small beach with a sandy bottom and some distinctive tidal pools that have cliffs. If you’re a seabird fan, you’ll definitely desire to travel there since this region is considered to be a Hawaii state-owned seabird sanctuary. It is not permitted, and it is recommended that you paddle and take in the scenery at a safe distance, to ensure that you don’t disrupt the seabirds.

Kealakekua Bay Big Island

Kealakekua Bay Big Island

The location is in The Big Island, also known as Hawaii, Kealakekua Bay has significant historical and cultural importance for Hawaiians. British captain James Cook discovered Hawaii in 1779 and landed at Kealakekua Bay.

The memory of his father is celebrated by a massive monument known by the name of Captain Cook Monument with the impressive tower of white can be climbed by kayak within less than an hour.

Alongside the historical memorial, Kealakekua Bay is an ideal snorkeling location that is rich in marine life. If you’re lucky to be there, you’ll see dolphins leaping and playing with the kayak.

Kahana River, Oahu

Kahana River, Oahu

If you’re visiting the Island of Oahu and are looking for a kayak tour, it’s worth taking the Kahana River rainforest kayak tour ought to be on the top of your list of things to do. It’s the Kahana River traverses a lush tropical rainforest that is tucked away in Oahu’s mountains. Oahu and is dotted with waterfalls, which allow you to stop and swim in.

Oahu Kayak Tours provides rentals as well as an unguided tour of this tranquil, relaxing river that is perfect for novices and those who love adventure.

Makena Bay, Maui

Makena Bay, Maui

If you are thinking of gorgeous natural beaches that have sparkling clear waters and an abundance of beautiful reefs, you might think about Makena Bay in South Maui.

The lakes here are a magnet for every kind of sport.

This is one of the most sought-after kayaking in Hawaii as evidenced by the many kayak tour vans that stop here each day.

Located along the coast, Maluaka Beach allows visitors to spot Hawaiian green sea turtles. Divers and those who love snorkeling should travel towards the northern end of Maluaka Bay.

We came across a great Maui Turtle Reef Kayaking Tour that looks super enjoyable!

Keauhou Bay, Big Island

Keauhou Bay

The tranquil, peaceful oceans of Keauhou bay make it an ideal kayaking spot in Hawaii and.

This is an exceptional beach that is particularly beautiful at night when the mantas rays appear to feed upon plankton. You will need to dive or snorkel if would like to observe this in detail.

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Kayaking and boating tours are available each day. It is possible to rent kayaks and paddleboards near the beach. This tiny island is home to an abundance of history and significance to the people who live there. Or kayak along the Big Island’s Keauhou Coast, which boasts turquoise waters and sea caves.

It is not the best place to swim since the base of the Bay is very rocky and there’s a lot of traffic in the harbor.

If you’re interested in seeing Manta Rays in Hawaii, you’ll want to take the Great Island Manta Ray Night Kayak trip.

Huleia River, Kuai

Huleia River

Another famous river on the island Kuai is known as the Huleia River. The Huleia River was featured in the Hollywood blockbuster Indiana Jones: The Raiders of Lost Ark. Although it is less well-known in comparison to Wailua River, it is likewise surrounded by fishponds. Wailua River is additionally surrounded by waterfalls as well as fishponds.

It’s a fantastic river for beginners who are looking for a relaxing and relaxing cruise along the river.

Summing up Kayaking in Hawaii

Hawaii is an ideal location for kayakers from all levels. These destinations are only a tiny portion of the breathtaking kayaking spots within Hawaii. Aloha State. Before you embark on any kayaking adventure, be sure you are familiar with local regulations, local conditions, and wildlife so that you can make sure you are on an enjoyable and safe kayaking experience.

Whatever location you’re in located in the Hawaiian Archipelago, you will get the purest and stunning views of nature in its natural state. We hope that you can enjoy views of mountains, jungles along with sea cliffs, as well as marine life from the kayak. Every place we have listed is a great place for a relaxing day by the water.


What Hawaiian island is the best to kayak on?

The most sought-after islands to kayak on in Hawaii include Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. Each of them has distinctive spots where you can kayak down the waterfall, spot sea turtles, travel for tiny island getaways, or enjoy a cruise along the beautiful coastline.

Kayaking across Hawaiian island?

While experienced kayakers can technically kayak between islands, the typical person can’t. They are MUCH farther apart than people are aware of and there are powerful ocean currents. Instead, you should consider kayaking along the coast and taking in the stunning views.

How long will it take to kayak from Mokes?

Very well-known locations to go kayaking in Oahu are the small islands that lie off along the shores from Lanikai Beach. They are also known as Mokes. It is possible to go kayaking up to Moku Nui. Moku Iki is a bird sanctuary and there is no one permitted to kayak there. It can take between 30 and 45 minutes to kayak towards Moku Nui from Lanikai beach.

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