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A short story about me, my name is Max Richardson, I’m 29 years old. You can talk about me for a long time.
Until I was 25, I knew nothing about kayaking and water trips. I did not know that there were stormy rivers, that they were rafted on them on different ships, on catamarans, rafts, canoes, in general, whoever has what.

A bit of history

There was simply no kayak in my world. There was no such information since none of my entourage was associated with this sport. There were no advertisements in newspapers, on television, advertising, they say, they opened a kayak or a kayak competition – come and take a look.

Complete isolation. If the word “rafting” appeared, then a calm rivulet with the current loomed in the mind and some kind of unhurried rafting on smooth water. I knew about the fact that they go “kayaking on our rivers” and I liked the concept, although I had never participated in such trips. In the 4th-5th year of the university, I met my comrades who went on trips on catamarans and kayaks. For hours I listened to their stories about stormy rivers, custard barrels, voids, and hooks. In 2020, they organized a May trip to the Delaware River.
I’ll tell you about kayaking on the Delaware River. If you are in those places – I recommend visiting.


In the depths of New York State, there is an interesting river – Delaware. Its length is about 600 km, and the basin area is more than 36 and a half thousand square kilometers.

Start kayaking

There is a place on the river where three states meet at the same time – New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
As for the routes, there are several of them. As far as I remember, from 3 to 15 kilometers. We chose some kind of middle one. To be honest, I will not say how this affects tariffs. But at the end – you leave the watercraft and a bus takes you to the “carriage parking”.


As for the extreme during the “rafting”, in fact, there are not very many rapids along the route, after all, this is not a mountain river.


In general, I really liked it there, I would gladly go there again.
Many new impressions, nature, in general, and tourist activity turned out to be to my liking. On the same trip, I saw kayakers for the first time.

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