Best Kayak Seats

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Most of the best kayak seats aren’t included with the kayak. No matter how great your kayak is, the seat will probably keep you searching for more.

In addition to keeping you comfortable, a good kayak seat must also keep you dry and allow you to sit without complaining about your back or your body for hours on end. You’ll get tired faster on your arms if you’re lucky. Read more

Kayak Rack For Truck

Kayak Racks For Trucks

Even if you have experience and look for kayaks with added features, a kayak isn’t a cheap investment. In today’s article, we review the top truck kayak mounts. Kayaks need to be transported to and from the water safely at all times. The kayak rack on your truck is a very important consideration. Here, we’ll show you how to choose the right rack by examining different types. Read more

How to Choose a Kayak Paddle


At least 5,000 strokes are made by kayakers every hour. If your kayak paddles don’t suit you, you’ll likely end up storing them in the corner of your garage growing dusty with disuse. So, you will benefit from learning what to do to choose the best kayak paddle for you. Here are a few things you need to know about kayak paddle sizing and construction materials. Read more

Transparent kayak

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Paddling a transparent kayak gives you an entirely new perspective on exploring the water than with a traditional kayak. A kayak can have a transparent bottom, which means you can see below the surface of the water, unlike traditional kayaks. The different experiences can make paddling more enjoyable and allow you to have an entirely new experience while you paddle. Read more

Best Kayak Coolers In 2024

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Kayak coolers should be small, yet well-insulated, to keep their contents cool even in direct sunlight, due to the limited storage space in a kayak. Here, we have actually evaluated the most effective kayak coolers currently on the market to help you pick the one that’s perfect for your trips. If you need a cooler for a lunch or want to keep your catch fresh, you can find it among our kayak fish cooler bags. Read more