Kayaking in Maryland


You may not know where to kayak in Maryland if you are a kayaker? You don’t have to worry about finding amazing places, we’ve compiled them for you. Among Maryland’s attractions for kayakers are it’s wildlife and gorgeous water bodies. There are a number of attractive lakes in this area of the universe that is awaiting discovery. Read more

Kayaking in Colorado Springs


Rocky Mountain Front Range forms Colorado Springs’ base. Paddle along numerous lakes and rivers and hike along many hiking trails in this outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Whether you enjoy paddling on calm lakes or diving into deep holes with your playboat, Colorado Springs has the perfect waterway for you. There are many Meetups for paddlers who don’t like kayaking alone. Read more

Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak Review

Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak Review-sit

A 20-foot fishing kayak, the Mustang 100x is made of Pelican’s highest quality ABS plastic. There are multiple channels in the hull of the walking kayak. With its excellent stability and tracking capabilities, it can handle any situation. Additionally, there are adjustable knee pads and footrests, as well as a phone holder in the cockpit. Read more

Pelican Kayak Reviews

Pelican Kayak Reviews-sit

Kayak and canoe manufacturer Pelican International is well-known. With over 45 years’ experience in producing durable, high-quality yaks, they can offer these at low prices. They are committed to innovation, quality control, and technology. Providing outdoor enthusiasts with quality products is one of Pelican International’s goals. Pelican offers kayaks that are perfect for those who enjoy spending time on the water. Read more

Kayaking in CT

Kayaking in CT

Place it on the waters of Connecticut’s lakes or rivers! If you’re interested in river trips, be sure to paddle most (or all!) of the Connecticut River Paddler’s Trail. The best kayaking in Connecticut is available for every kayaking skill level. A kayaking trip in Connecticut is sure to meet your needs, no matter if you prefer guided trips, kayak rentals, self-guided trips, one-day excursions, or multi-day excursions. Read more